Welcome to Maths Oasis!

We specialize and deal with all things related to Math! Some of the things we offer include (but not exclusive to):

  • Math Olympiad Training (Regular) for Primary/Secondary School
  • Annual competition specific (SMOPS, RIPMWC, NMOS, SMO, ACS Mathlympics etc) training courses
  • Testing for Olympiad Suitability/ Syllabus Proficiency
  • Holiday Enrichment Courses
  • School Training
  • One to one coaching in Olympiad/Syllabus
  • A levels, O levels, IB, PSLE syllabus coaching
  • Suggestion of uses of maths manipulatives for hands on learners
  • Illustrated Math Magazines for the avid readers
  • Solutions for your other Math needs (Just let us know!)

To find out more about us, explore the site through the navigation links, and feel free to contact us to find out more.