Wednesday, 12 Oct, 2016

Head-start Programmes for Sec 1 students Y2017

Dear Parents/Students,

Now that the PSLE is finally over, it’s finally time to plan and look ahead towards Sec 1. During the Nov/Dec holidays, we have the following Sec 1 Head-start programmes for your consideration.

Sec 1 Prep Course: A bridging programme between P6 and Sec 1

  • Applications of prime factorisation in finding hcf,lcm,sq roots, cube roots etc
  • Overview of the number system including integers, negative numbers, rational numbers and more...
  • Estimation & Approximation
  • Formulation of Algebraic expressions, algebraic manipulations and applications.
  • Prerequisites for the SMO-Junior Classes.
  • Dates: 31 Oct+2+4,7,9 & 11 Nov (Mon/Wed/Fri). [Updated for 2016 and Expanded!]
  • Time: 3pm-5pm Fee: $456.00 (Early-bird fee). $492.00(after 31 Oct 2016)
  • Venue: Maths Oasis Pte Ltd

SMO-Junior Module 1 - This course is suitable for students who wish to sharpen their skills before the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Y2017 and students who will be enrolling in IP schools and have a keen interest in mathematics.

  • Integers
  • Sequences and Series
  • Rational Numbers and Real Numbers
  • Indices
  • Difference of Two Squares
  • Square Identities
  • Cube Identities
  • Polynomials in One Variable
  • System of Linear/Non-linear Equations
  • Non-negative Functions
  • Surds
  • Quadratic Functions and Equations
  • Method of Difference, Recurrence Relation
Participants are strongly advised to read the following chapters/sections in the mathematics textbooks:
  • 1. Sec 1 Text: Whole Numbers, Integers, Real Numbers, Algebra, Linear Equations, Linear Inequality.
  • 2. Sec 2 Text: Expansion and Factorisation, Algebraic Manipulation, Simultaneous Linear Equations, Solving Quadratic Equations, Graphs of Quadratic Functions.
  • Dates: 5+12+5+19 Nov,21 Nov to 3 Dec 2016 (except Sun & day of release of PSLE results.)
  • Time:11am - 1pm Fee: $1120.00 Venue: Maths Oasis Pte Ltd (14 lessons)
  • Pls call to register before coming @ 6337-7857.
  • P.S If you are intending to take the SMO-Junior Module 1 this holiday, the extension course will be SMO-Junior Module 2 starting on Jan 2017, Every Sunday from 8 Jan 2017, 11am-1pm.

Here's how to register

  • 1) Sec 1 Prep. Kindly download the attached registration form and mail to us at 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat hong Building S188968.
  • 2) SMO-Junior Module 1: If you are keen to join us from 5-Nov onwards for the SMO-Junior, please call us at 6337-7857 before coming. Tel: 6337-7857.
For the full schedule of our holiday enrichment classes, please click here ==>

Best regards & enjoy your break.

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Sunday, 1 Oct, 2016

This Children’s Day-Give the Gift of Education

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Coming on 7-October is Children’s Day in Singapore. This Children’s Day, make it special by giving the Gift of Education-a gift that endures the passing of time. The long Nov-December holidays is the perfect time to gain a head start for next year’s maths competition.

Here’s a lineup of exciting Nov-Dec Head-start programmes for the following levels. To skip ahead to the schedule, please click here ==>

Primary 3-Y 2017

An exciting programme for current primary 2 pupils with a good competence in mathematics. The Primary 3 Competition Maths Introductory Course introduces students to the fundamentals of maths competition/Olympiads, leading to higher level of challenges beginning from Primary 4. Students can look forward to improving their problem solving skills through a series of maths challenges through hands-on activities. In July, students can look forward to participating in their first maths competition-Australian Maths Competition

Primary 4/5-Y2017

Suitable for students who are curious to explore local and international maths competition questions, the Maths Olympiad Triathlon offers your child a rich learning experience where he/she get to sample, compare and connect Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world. Suits students who are preparing for the NMOS and related competitions for 2017. If you are keen to explore further this holiday, the Maths Olympiad Triathlon (II) extends from the Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) and further engages students with various maths tasks form classic puzzles to new recreational maths activities to raise their appreciation of the richness of mathematics.

Primary 6-Y2017 (Popular, please register early)

It’s time to prepare for the various maths competition students will encounter as early as March 2017 for Primary 6.We believe that learning is like peeling an onion; each time we revisit an idea, we gain an added perspective and a deeper understanding of the idea. A head start in learning gives us a chance to revisit and deepen our learning.

    Topic Coverage:
  • Circles
  • Rate and speed
  • Algebraic manipulations & applications of algebra in problem solving
  • Problem solving involving patterns of numbers and shapes.
Suitable for: Primary 6(Y2017) Mathletes pursuing SMOPS and other similar Maths Competitions

Sec 1-Y2017

The Sec 1 Prep course introduces students to challenging maths topics in term 1 and serves as a prerequisite course before students embark on the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Jr (SMO-Jr) Module 1 Training course in November. This programme also aims to help students bridge the gap between primary 6 maths and their Sec 1 curriculum. Suitable for students pursuing the Sec 1 IP course. Increases students' understanding of advanced topics in SMO.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Junior Module 1(Popular, pls register early)

A preparation course for SMO Junior Section Y2017 Topic Coverage:Basic operations, primes, divisibility, factorization, digits and numbers, last digit(s), fractions,number patterns, difference of two squares, square expansions, indices, etc. Suitable for students who have completed Primary 6 Competition Maths/students keen to pursue maths Olympiad in Secondary school.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Senior Module 1

A preparation course for SMO Senior Section Y2017 Topic Coverage:Quadratic equations, discriminant, Vieta formulae, completing the square, absolute value(modulus), integer and fractional parts, factorial, similar triangles, indices, logarithms, etc Suitable for advanced Sec 1 students /Sec 2 & 3 students who are keen to pursue maths Olympiad in Secondary school.

For details of our latest schedule please click here ==>

To take advantage of our early-registration bonus for centre students, Please click the above to register now or enquire at 6337 7857.

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Sunday, 21 Aug, 2016

Exciting Programmes this Sept Y2016‏

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

This Sept we have the following exciting programmes to further sharpen your skills before the 32nd American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8) by the Mathematical Association of America.

The AMC 8 Contest will take place in Singapore on 15 Nov 2016. This contest is suitable for students in Pri 4-6 or Sec 1-2. Registration and details will be available later. To sharpen your skills for this contest, we have the following Prep classes this Sept AMC 8 Prep Course

The AMC 8 Prep Course will provide candidates with

  • An introduction to the core topics of the AMC 8 Contest
  • Exposure to the unfamiliar topics such as probability, graphs, circles, rate & speed
  • Learn geometry 'tricks' that can help you solve the questions much faster especially during the contest.
  • Dates: 6- 8 Sep 2016 ( Tue-Thur)
  • Time: 1pm-3pm
  • Fee: S$192 by 30 August 2016
For a detailed look of the Sept schedule please click here ==>

For the Primary 6 pupils, the best way to be more confident as you approach your PSLE Math paper is to gain ample practice with parallel questions. So this Sept, we will be introducing the PSLE Mock Test with Discussion in a series of 3 mock test with discussion where you will learn to

  • Better manage your time during the exams
  • Checking Strategies to minimise careless mistakes
  • Common errors made by previous candidates will be highlighted to help you avoid these 'costly' mistakes.
  • Focus on Paper 2 topics.
For a detailed look of the Sept schedule please click here ==>

You can register for 1 or all 3 mock test to gauge your performance and get ample practice before the PSLE exams coming up in three weeks' time. To register for any of the above programmes, just click on the link below to complete the online form below. ==>

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Monday, 25 Jul, 2016

NMOS Special Round Training Y2016 for 26 July 2016‏

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

All numbers paint a picture, same for maths competitions. Some students may have just completed the NMOS Competition and some of you are preparing for the Special round of the NMOS Competition coming up on 26 July 2016.

After every competition, it is time to reflect on the

  • things that have gone well during the competition
  • things you could have done better the next time round.
  • consolidate the questions which came easy for you and questions which you had difficulty with.

Some students who have a keen interest in maths competitions will also immediately seek and compare answers with others or their teachers. These ways and more will give you more learning opportunities from a maths competition besides just a win/lose grade.

You can also use this time to reflect on your competition strategy. If you have done well for a competition, it means the strategy you have applied is working well for you and you only need to build on your previous success. If your strategy has not worked well, it's time to come up with a new strategy before the next competition. It's time to relook at past competition questions, study alternative solutions and take some classes so that you can learn maths competition in a more systematic way for more effective learning.

If you are keen to build your skills before the next competition, we have the following new classes that are open

  • A) Pri 4 Competition Maths-Saturday class at 9am/4pm
  • B) S’pore Math Olympiad Bridging Course ,Sunday 11am-1pm
  • C) A-Level Maths Classes, Sunday, 9am-11am

For details and schedule please click here ==>

Best regards and here's wishing everyone Happy National Day

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Friday, 15 Jul, 2016

NMOS Special Round Training Y2016 for 26 July 2016‏

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The name list of the Special Round of the NMOS contest can be found here

If you would like to sharpen your skills before the Special Round Competition, pls sms your child name to 9187-9006. For details of the schedule pls visit us at ==>

Congratulations to one and all, From the Maths Oasis Team

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Thursday, 23 Jun, 2016

Sharpen Your Skills for the forthcoming Maths Competitions in Semester 2

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

In semester 2, we have the following exciting programmes to help you sharpen your skill before the maths competitions/Olympiads. To view the schedule for our classes please click here ==>

With the conclusion of the round 2 of the SMO Competition, students who would like to enhance their skills can join the following preparation classes.

  • SMO-Junior Module 2 students can join the Bridging module for the SMO-senior starting 3-July 2016, from 11am – 1pm
  • SMO-Senior students can join the A level maths class to prepare for the SMO-Open Competition in 2017. Topics covered in the A levels class in semester 2 will include

Module 1 – Vectors

  • 1. Vectors (1) – Introduction to Vectors/ Vector Algebra
  • 2. Vectors (2) – Ratio Theorem and Applications
  • 3. Vectors (3) – Equation of Straight Lines
  • 4. Vectors (4) – Equation of Planes
  • 5. Complex (1) – Introduction to Complex Numbers
Module 2 – Pure Mathematics
  • 1. Sequences and Recurrence Relations
  • 2. Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
  • 3. Mathematical Induction
  • 4. Equation and Inequalities
  • 5. Complex (2) – Roots of Unity and Solving of Equations
Module 3 – Functions and Graphs
  • 1. Functions
  • 2. Graph (1) – Introduction to Graphing Techniques
  • 3. Graph (2) – Graphing of Conics
  • 4. Graph (3) – Transformation of Graphs
  • 5. Complex (3) – Loci and Argand Diagram

For a copy of the latest schedule please click here ==>

To register for the above classes and enjoy the early-bird fee please click here to register now ==> or contact us at 6337-7857 or 9187-9006

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and till we meet again in Semester 1 starting as early as 1st July 2016.

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Thursday, 2 Jun, 2016

Exciting Maths Enrichment Programmes in Semester 2-Maths Oasis

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Thank you for joining us in our June holiday programmes. We certainly hope you had an enriching holiday this June and feel refreshed and recharged for the next semester ahead.

In Semester 2, we will have the following programmes

  • (1) Pri 4 Competition Maths (Modules 4 to 6)
  • (2) Pri 5 Competition Maths (Modules 4 to 6, working towards SMOPS2017)
  • (3) Calculus class for students who would like to learn in advance of their school, especially students in the IP schools.

Our classes will continue for the following levels

  • (A) Pri 3 Competition Maths -Module 3 & 4: Friday, 5-6.30pm starting 1st July 2016
  • (B) PSLE Challenging Maths Revision 2016
  • (C) SMO-Senior Bridging topics towards SMO-Senior, starts 3 July, every Sunday from 11am – 1pm: Suitable for advanced learners who have completed both SMO-Jr Modules 1 & 2. Or those who would like to accelerate their learning for SMO-Senior in 2017.

To register for the classes and enjoy our early-bird savings click this link for the schedule here==>

To register for our classes online and lock in your early-bird fees please click here to register ==>

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Friday, 27 May, 2016

NMOS Training Programmes this June 2016‏

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Many of you have asked what will be covered in our NMOS Training. Here's our complete answer to your queries.

The NMOS Training consists of

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon(I) - Topics that will be covered include
    • Arithmetic
    • Area and perimeter
    • Number games and puzzles
    • Rate and speed
    • Shape patterns and puzzles
    • Logical reasoning
    30 May – 1 June OR 6-8 June ; 9am -12noon

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon(II)
    • Arithmetic problems
    • Spatial visualization tasks
    • General ability questions/Brain teasers
    • Word problems
    2-4 June OR 9-11 June; 9am-12noon

  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion (I) - Trains on speed and accuracy. 6-8 June; 1-4pm OR 20-22 June; 1-4pm

  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion (II) - Trains students on handling non-routine questions and Maths Olympiad problem solving strategies. 9-11 June OR 23-25 June; 1-4pm

So if you still want to register for the above training, its time to hustle before all the seats are filled up.

To register please call or SMS: 9187-9006.

To register online please click here ==>

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Thursday, 21 Apr, 2016

NMOS Training Programmes this June 2016‏

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The June holidays will be here soon after the mid-year exams. With the June holidays coming nearer and nearer, it's time to schedule your activities for the month long school holidays so you will have a fun and enriching holidays.

For Pri 4/5 pupils taking part in the annual NMOS Competition by NUS-High we have a series of comprehensive training starting with the

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) -3 days followed by
  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (II) -3 days followed by
  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion 1 followed by
  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion 2

For Pri 3 pupils, we will be conducting our flagship course, the Pri 3 Competition Maths this June holidays. To check out the schedule please click here ==>

For the P6 pupils, this June is especially crucial for your revision and we have designed a 6-day revision course covering all the core topics for the PSLE Maths with questions that trip even the above average pupils. These questions were tested from conducting many years of evaluation test since 2008. For details and registration please click here ==>

NMOS Training Package

We have received quite a few enquiries on the NMOS Training that we will be conducting this June. For the complete course details please click here ==>

To view the topic outline for all the classes this June please click here ==>

Here's how to register:

1) Kindly download the attached pdf registration form

2) Mail the completed registration form and send payment made in favour of Maths Oasis Pte Ltd and mail to 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Building S188968

3)To register online please click here ==>

Best regards & wishing all an enriching holidays.

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Thursday, 31 Mar, 2016

SMO Intensive Revision Y2016

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Most of your should have registered for the forthcoming Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition (SMO).

The closing date for registration for this contest is 1-April 2016.

The SMO Competition is one of the oldest mathematics competition in Singapore and is organised annually by the Singapore Mathematical Society based in NUS.

If you are keen to sharpen your skills for the competition, we have the following Intensive revision classes for the various category of the competition

  • SMO-Junior( 1 + 8+15 & 22 May, Sunday 11am-1pm)
  • SMO-Senior ( 30 April +7 May +14 May & 21 May 2016, Saturday 4pm-6pm)
  • SMO-Open( 1+8 +15 & 22 May, 9am-11am)
For details and registration please click here. ==>

Here's how to register:

1) Kindly complete the attached form

2) Mail the completed form with your cheque payment to Maths Oasis Pte Ltd, 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Building S188968.

We wish you a fruitful maths olympiad experience.

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Monday, 28 Mar, 2016

Maths Olympiad/Competition Registration For 2016

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

March and April are busy months for students who are taking part in the various maths competitions/Olympiads beginning with the Raffles Primary World Maths Competition this coming Tuesday-29 March 2016. There is also the upcoming Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) by Hwa Chong Institution and upcoming there are several competitions students can register with us

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Junior (Pri 6 - Sec 2)
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Senior (Sec 3- 4)
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Open Category ( Up to JC 2)
  • Australian Mathematics Competition (Fr Pri 3 - JC 2 students)
If you are keen to register for the various Maths Olympiad/Competition please click here to register online ==>

Here's how to make payment for the competition registration fees

A) By Cheque

Pls make cheque payable to Maths Oasis Pte Ltd and mail to Maths Oasis Pte Ltd 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Building S188968

B) By Bank Transfer

Pls transfer the registration fees to OCBC Bank 564-706455-001. Kindly whatsapp the receipt with your child's name to 9187-9006

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Monday, 7 Mar, 2016

Last Lap towards SMOPS & RI Primary World Maths Competition

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

With another few weeks to go before the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools( SMOPS), this March holidays offers one of the best time to prepare for this forthcoming maths competition for Primary 6 pupils.

The SMOPS is one of the oldest primary schools maths competitions in Singapore and is hosted by the Hwa Chong Institution. Candidates will start their first round of this competition on 9-April 2016.

If you are keen to sharpen your skills for this competition, you can register and check out the schedule here ==>

Additional contest resources will be given to the first 10 students to register. Call us at 6337 7857 to register now!

For the Primary 5 pupils who are writing the Raffles Primary World Maths Competition (RIPWMC), this March holidays, we will also be conducting a round of training starting from 15 March (Tue) + 16 Mar(Wed) & 8 Mar (Fri) at time 2-5pm.

For details and registration, pls click here ==>

Wishing you all the best for these 2 competitions and happy holidays.

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Thursday, 11 Feb, 2016

Sharpen Your Skills for RIPMWC(ri 5) and SMOPS Y2016‏

Dear Mathletes,

With a new year upon us, now's the time to renew your determination to do better in the forthcoming mathematics competitions/Olympiads. If you are looking to further sharpen your skills for the Raffles Primary World Math Competition -Junior (Pri 5), we have just the course for you.

If this is your first attempt at maths competitions, the RI Pri World Maths Competitions workshop offers

  • Comprehensive revision of topics with hands-on practice with parallel/pat year Maths Olympiad questions
  • New topics will be taught and students have to keep an open ind in order to learn best
  • Common mistakes made by other Mathletes will be discussed and highlighted when appropriate.
For details and registration please click here ==>

If you are looking to sharpen your skills for the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(SMOPS) for Pri 6, we also have a course which offers

  • Maths Olympiad Circuit Training
  • Comprehensive revision of topics
  • Lessons will be fast paced to prepare students for the forthcoming SMOPS Y2016 competition by HCI.
For details and registration please click here ==>

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Sunday, 6 Dec, 2015

Exciting Maths Enrichment Classes for 2016

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Within the next few weeks, we will be welcoming 2016. For 2016, we have the following exciting Maths Competition/Olympiad Training classes to enrich your learning and unleash your mathematical potential .


Pri 3 Competition Maths
This course serves to give students a head-start in competition maths by providing them with the fundmentals of competition maths needed for higher learning. This course consists of 4 modules in a year and is sure a delightful entry to competition maths for students. A strong inclination in maths is required.

Pri 4 to 6 Competition Maths
In this course, the fundamentals of competition Mathematics would be taught to the students during the lessons. Students will learn valuable skills and techniques such as prime factorization and divisibility tests etc. These are part of the competition requirements, but they also help the students solve questions faster in normal syllabus Maths. Students will also develop the ability to think critically, as well as develop a strong mathematical mind, including a keener number sense and stronger spatial visualization.
In the tutorials, past Olympiad questions and other interesting questions will be discussed, and the students can learn how to apply their newly acquired knowledge from the lessons in various situations creatively. It allows students to clarify any doubts and questions they have from the lessons, consolidate their knowledge, and stretch their understanding to a deeper level. For those taking part in local competitions such as NMOS, SMOPS etc, this also serves as a good preparation.

Pri 4 Competition Maths

Primary 4 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Whole Numbers & 4 Operations
  • Module 2: Factors, Multiples, Divisibility
  • Module 3: Number Properties and Patterns

Primary 4 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Introduction to Fractions & Decimals
  • Module 5: Introduction to Spatial Visualization
  • Module 6: Squares & Rectangles, Cubes & Cuboids

Pri 5 Competition Maths

Primary 5 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Word Problems on Whole Numbers & Fractions
  • Module 2: Word Problems on Ratio & Percentage
  • Module 3: Logic

Primary 5 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Combinatorics & Counting
  • Module 5: Rate & Speed
  • Module 6: Properties of Triangles & Circles

Pri 6 Competition Maths

Primary 6 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Applications in Arithmetic
  • Module 2: Applications in Mathematics (Spatial Visualization, Rate and Speed etc)
  • Module 3: Revision in Mathematics

Primary 6 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Challenging Word Problems in Whole Numbers, Fractions, Ratio, Percentage
  • Module 5: Challenging Word Problems in Rate & Speed, Mensuration, General Ability
  • Module 6: Revision for PSLE (Mock Tests)

Secondary/JC - S'pore Math Olympiad(SMO)

One of Singapore's oldest maths competition, our seondary school training is split into the following categories/topics.

SMO- Junior Module 1
Integers, Sequences and Series, Rational Numbers and Real Numbers, Indices, Difference of Two Squares, Square Identities, Cube Identities, Polynomials in One Variable, System of Linear Equations, Non-negative Functions, Surds, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations, System of Nonlinear Equations, Method of Difference, Recurrence Relation.

SMO- Junior Module 2
Combinatorics, Counting Numbers, Counting Techniques, Spatial Counting, Probability, Pythagoras Theorem, Applications of Pythagoras Theorem, Angles, Circles, Area of Triangles, Area of Quadrilaterals, Length and Perimeter, Spatial Visualization

SMO- Senior Module 2
Permutations, Combinations, Combinatorics (Miscellaneous), Similar Triangles, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Angle Properties of Circles, Further Geometry, Geometry (Miscellaneous), Trigonometry, Probability. #Calculus class will be offered in Semester 2 after the SMO-Senior Module 2.

SMO - Open
Number Theory, Algebra, Combinatorics & Geometry

Detailed Schedule please click here

To register online please click here

Year-end Head-start classes are available for

  • (A)General Maths Proficiency Test: Suitable for Pri 3 to 6 pupils who like to analyse and find out their mathematical strengths and weakneses.
  • (B) Syllabus based maths evaluation test: Pri 6 pupils: How prepared are you for the 2016 PSLE Maths?
    Want to find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses with respect to the PSLE syllabus requirements in order to plan your revision? Now you can with our Syllabus based evaluation test which comes with a detailed analysis of your key strengths and weaknesses and exposes misconceptions on certain key topics you may have if any.
  • (C) Pri 6 Maths Olympiad Head-start: Now's the time to gain a head-start for the SMOPS 2016 by learning 3 'must-know' topics for 2016 SMOPS.
  • (D) Sec 1 Prep: For students who will be starting Sec 1 in 2016l (IP/Express)
    we have a bridging course starting from 28 Dec to 31 Dec to help you gain a head-start for the term 1 topics for Sec 1. Gain a great footing in Sec 1 Maths.

For details of the schedule please click here

P.s. Note that our opening hours are revised to from 3pm to 6 pm on weekdays during these holidays. We wish you happy holidays.

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Sunday, 22 Nov, 2015

Sharpen Your Skills for 2015 & 2016 Schedule for Maths Olympiad

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

With the holidays round the corner, now's the best time to sharpen your skills for 2016 maths olympiad/competitions.

For Nov-Dec, we have the following head-start courses for the following levels:

  • Pri 4 & 5: Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I ) /(II)
  • Pri 6: SMOPS Competition Maths head-start
  • Sec Sch: Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for secondary school students.

To check out our Nov/Dec head-start course schedule please click here ==>

To register for our Holiday courses, please click here ==>

To get a sneak peak of our 2016 schedule please click here ==>

To register for our 2016 Regular courses ==>

Best regards & here's wishing all Happy holidays

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